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India Outplacement Simplified – Final Series - By Husys

India Outplacement Simplified – Final Series

In continuation of our blog post on Outplacement, this is the final series chosen the few question & answers from the Whatsappinar with HR Shapers. Answered for your valuable questions as given below.

31) If a union exists in the organization. Can you share your experience in executing outplacement activity?

GR:  Outplacement is a best tool as a part of the union negotiations and can reduce the intensity of discontentment during the process. There are many examples outside but India, I have to experience at once.

32) I understand outplacement in today's world also means helping outplaced people with opportunities. Does the next company which hires them, hires in a fair manner by not giving a pay cut and other benefits and proper role matching and not force fitting?

GR: Yes, the outplacement support is for the person who affected. Key role of Outplacement is to help him/her to gain the confidence and strategies. Able to get a good position as per plan. While not able to effecting the level/compensation etc., It also based on the person’s individual choice.

33):  On what basis organization select persons for outplacement...and after impact on existing employees and how can as HR justifies the right selection?

GR:  The parameters may be business impact and the positions are made redundant, also that they cannot be relocated into other function and department. Also you may consider how to re-skill if required.  After all these you can able to find the final list for outplace and declare redundant. It is a fair way to handle the redundancies, also give confidence to the teams internally that organization has been fair.

34).Would like your view and experience on one more point. During outplacement activity have you come across a request from the organization management to develop a career transition (redeploying them to other line of business) for employees? If yes can you share your experience and any challenges you would have faced?

GR  Yes there were some requests, but in India we have not handled yet. However, some part of UK our partners handled such needs and world over its one of the key function.  That would be more like a consulting engagement in identification and coupled with re-deployment. Transition to other independent companies is a good choice for large enterprises.

35) Would also like know your views if countries have created laws around outplacement so that employee are protected and it does not give rise to unemployment nos and pay for the country?

GR: France is the only place there is a formal law. In US it’s a best practice and used extensively and part of the HR role.  France : The system in France is fairly complex compared to compare with other countries, with outplacement requirements depending on the type of layoff—“economic” or “individual” that an employee experiences. Economic mass layoffs that are the result of downsizing or restructuring and unrelated to performance require outplacement under very specific legal terms, and the company is obligated to relocate affected employees internally or externally. In the case of individual, or “at-fault” layoffs, outplacement is not mandatory though it may be negotiated or covered under company policies and accepted practices.

In one of the medium size IT co., during 2000-01 recessions, HR did this activity...  By keeping employee on roll post in their notice period, till they got job or upto max 6 months. HR using their personal contacts to place people. It was quite successful. Employees appreciated regarding this. Management had spoken openly what lead to this situation and explored all situations.

It is called as a Garden Leave. The person may not attend the office but on roles till such a level, during that time he/she can find a job. This is needed to be supplemented with support of outplacement so that it’s implemented. In 2001 yes that was the best thing that they could do and definitely we must appreciate them.

36. How do you choose a Vendor?

GR: Some of the Key parameters to review:  1. Expertise of the Agency/Institution proposed to be a Outplacement Group (Most common mistake is to handover to Recruitment agency - which may not be right fit. As they would have only limited requirements to make revenue at any point. Organization should have as many options to reach job market for the Candidates/Coaches.)

37:  What should be criteria while selecting employees for outplacement?

GR:There should be a policy for outplacement as per organization standards. In many cases organization would have a policy and process pre-defined as part of the Business Process.  In case that’s not available, usually the impacting part of the organization when people have to be made redundant to be reviewed. One of the important category in deciding is to see, if they can be repositioned elsewhere before outplacement decision.

38: What can include in a typical out placement:

GR:  1-1 Coaching (in person & virtual), Emotional support (sometimes helping the spouse to come to terms - this is specific to India), Skill improvement programs (LinkedIn, communication, how to start business etc.,), How to take Psychometric profiling’s, Job Search Techniques, Managing social media, CV & Interview Techniques, Negotiations, Onboarding advise.

The outcomes are usually the success of choices that the coachee takes in the stages i mentioned on job, self employment or retirement choices.

39. How do we benefit with outplacement idea specially in tough times which is now the major concern in Middle East. And we HR here is facing this pressure. Want to know how we can use this as our tool and show the organization that this will benefit and how?

GR: Outplacement is a specialized area to support transitioning employees. This will be a brand building exercise with employers. By transitioning support you are projecting the confidence to employees in the organization that they would be taken care in difficult situations.  HR has to play a key role in bringing this external  capability to the organization.

40. I think most of the companies are not sensitive to do so much other than severance package nor do I see we HR professional ready to accept such talent.Can I know your views about this?

GR: In Some cases the HR professionals has a feeling that if its given to agency how would my management thought. We need to accept that this is a process not yet matured in our country and make a right representation to the management for business results.
Actually HR can make best of the Severance package with outplacement. It’s like helping the person effected to catching the fish after severance.

41. Are there any companies which have outplacement as a process and a policy today in India?  And how do you see Indian entrepreneurs taking it?

GR:  While the steps adapted by the International teams can be one way to handle.  However, where the information is in media and internally not yet communicated. There must be a planned communication should go as quickly as possible with the suggested steps that organization is taking and a clear plan that would help the employees. Usually from the top management suppose to help.

42. I want to ask one question that is communication is important tool but I have seen sometime the organization communicate things indirectly through media which creates an anxiety among employees. How will you handle such situation if things are in media and you have to face your employees?

GR: The countries outplacement is practiced as key HR function: US, UK, Parts of Europe - Germany, France etc., Brazil, Argentina etc., and Australia.

43. How is HR looking at outplacement in India?

GR:In India, the exposure and also the knowledge for HR professionals is limited unless someone would have handled in their previous assignments.  But there is an awareness that it is not just placing but a entire process for effective implementation and building employer brand. Yes, we are moving ahead.

44. Do you think as HR professionals it’s a mindset shift rather than a process..?

GR: First Mindset and then built a good process for effective support for organization

45. Can we know under what circumstances the organization decides to take the outplacement route! What are the key triggers?

GR: There is always a news that spreads outside even before internally it effecting. It may be due to other country information which media takes as its happening in our own country.

47. Normally companies and individuals never think about outplacement when any situation arising.... Why is that so?  What’s future of outplacement? Does outplacement provide give options to choose quality vs. quantity to select the best?

GR You are right. Since outplacement is not a regular practice and not as a key function of HR so far hence the quick reaction in many times.

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