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What is the first priority for Start-Ups Once on the Ground with an Idea?

Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2012
It was heartening to see the responses to the same question on LinkedIn. I thought I would summarize the leanings of many who commented with PASSION.  If I do not make it available to people who do need it, I am not doing justice to the Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship. Here is the snapshot of the Overall Results. 
The Result
First -351 Responses :
     (Source:  Poll Results from Linkedin )       

The Formula for Startups to make it to be in existence based on 351 Responses seems to be:  Focus on the Customer Acquisition while building the Team  and support the entire venture with Right Investments at each stage. Building a good advisory to support in matured thinking and building a BRAND to remain in future.
I would encourage you to write your comments to improve learning from this post.
Start Looking for Customers    101 (29%)    I was told when I started that you need to see the First Rupee / Dollar as quickly as possible to make it multiple. Because …