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India Outplacement – Simplified by Husys

This part – 2 is a Continuation of my Blog post earlier. In this part we are sharing next 15 questions and answers about Outplacement in India.

16. May I know how this outplacement program is provide coaching and psychological support to assist individual to overcome this trauma of job loss? And what kinds of programs are there which may be best used to serve these individuals?
GR: Choosing a right coach is a big task. The main ingredient of outplacement is coaching. In this case coaching is given in the context of the Career Transition during redundancies or business closure etc.,. The coach who understands the job market with specific to the Industry and the job roles etc., who has an ability to help the coachee in a right direction to achieve his/her goals.
17. Can you share role of union in executing outplacement activity?

GR: Outplacement is a good tool as part of the union negotiations and can reduce the intensity of discontentment during the process. There are many examples outsi…