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CashLess Transactions !!! How about Paperless HR Transactions !!! (Demonetization to eHRization)

Demonetization in India is pushing every common man in the country to go for Cash Less Transaction. Part of this population is the 40% of the workforce in SME organisations still on Paper bound HR Transactions.

Its High Time for Employees are rewarded with an experience called "e-HR or paperless HR"

Typical questions ! Is it expensive? Who in HR have expertise in setting up this ? How safe it is? How can it improve the employee experience? and so on....
There are number of transactions that happens with employee on a daily basis within the organisation. Lets list quickly some of them - We can't dare to put all that in a very short time, but this is an attempt top of mind list !!!!

My Offer LetterMy Appointment LetterMy PaySlipMy Leave applicationMy reimbursementsMy Personal DocumentsMy Request for LoanMy Attendance tracking…..
and the list may end up into a 2 GB document how employee efficiency has been compromised with administrative work in HR.  Lets stop here and review h…