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SME's Creates a Big Future for HR in India

SME’s creates a big future for HR in India
To consider what the future of HR services will be in SMEs, first let’s look at the current HR practices and approaches being adopted in smaller organizations through a short story. I’ll then go on to envisage the possible growth and how it can generate business opportunity in the future, particularly through the franchise operating model offered by Husys.
Why SME in India? 1.Currently MSME’s are a huge 51 million size, which is a massive growth from 16 million since 2001. 2.40% of the workforce in India are in SME segment 3.SME contributes to 8+% of the total GDP of India 4.Special MSME ministry is formed in the Govt. of India
A day in life of CEO @ SME: “Ram an owner of a small business firm with 20 people, had targeted to grow aggressively in future. One morning as he entered his office, he found people lined-up for interview which he finished quickly and post that offered his inputs to the operation manager who had come to seek his support on gr…