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Few Quick Decisions & Cost Implications

A very Recent recruitment experience as HR support one of the SME.

There are typically challenges across the Industry in recruiting people. The average of finalising people have rose from 1:10 to 1:20 with large organisations. It is more even in case of SME's. After you make a offer there are almost 30-40% drop rate at Top International Companies. That also has a major impact on SME's in hiring.

The CEO know that there is an opportunity and becomes agitated due to the delay in bringing in people and hence resorts to a quick decision. In one of the recent case where such decision has costed 2lacs and not able to get even a single person on board. The Advertisement decision was decided by the CEO and executed without consulting the HR Resources as he/she felt that the things are delaying. However, the result was that everybody spent time and not able to get the result along with the Monetory Loss.

At recruitment SME's can't go with the same advertisement like any other…

The Challenges of Managing Growth

The critical challenges of managing People & finance for organisational growth.

It is important to build the organisation on great fundamental human values. SME's should to build a good credibility on the Financial Transactions and also consistency in managing the Statutory Records. Also filing all the returns on time to ensure when in need they become handy.

Building a long-term vision and support the team in realising the same. People with lot of freedom can build an organisation than run by its proprietor/MD/Partner. The partnership of employees in growing the organisation is the mantra.

It may sound very difficult for any CEO/Owner in the initial time, but clearly helps in build an organisation run by its people.

These are the key fundamentals that have helped me to build Husys who helps in Management the HR Function for Organisations.


- GR Reddy

SME's Challenges of Managing HR On their Own

Husys Serves the Small and Medium Size Enterprises in Managing their HR Function.

This is in continuation with the earlier writeup's, I am making an effort this time to list some of the key challenges of managing HR function by SME's/Owners. It may cost a little lower than HR outsourcing...

Some of the related challenges are as below:

1. But the Expertise would be the key factor miss a lot when you hire an individual for HR position. SME's needs the support interms of ability to visualise the challenges when you grow big, a perspective from the top and from future always would help. That expertise can be drawn from the HR Function Outsoucing.

2. The new person hgired may not be able to gel with the existing system so easily.
3. The challenges of interacting with the Business and its sub systems would be a tough challenge.
4. Also one of the key important point in case of a new resource or the old person left the ability to continue the …