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Time to Plan for year 2009 & Budget Realistically

As you are coming closure to the close of the year 2008-9 financial year, its important that you focus on planning for the next year. Here are the few steps suggest to ensure that you plan the most critical year ahead to beat the Recession Blues……

1- Define Organisational Objectives for year 2009-10
2- Identify the various matrices of organizational performance
3- Assign the basic assumptions based on Historical data for last year to future year and Make a tentative Manpower Plan (To be reviewed along the year)
4- Plan control mechanism every month for actuals Vs. Planned

Please refer to the previous posting on 29.1.09 for better utilization of the following inputs.

1. Define Organisational Objectives for year 2009-10
a. If you have not done the Clear objective setting till date or did not bother because of the good market condition earlier.
b. Its time that you tighten the basics of Objective setting & Communication to employees this year which would put you into the driver…

HR Solutions @ Current Scenario

The following presentation by GR was presented @ HYSEA (Hyderabad Software Exporters Association) on 29.1.09 & modified for generic HR solution.

Current Role of HR in Global Recession:

The Role of HR to be utilised more from Strategy perspective for business Support in current situation.

Organization Wide Role & Responsibilities
Effective Time & Performance Management
Involve in Business Planning
Create Innovative Solutions for Resource Pool
Organizational Communication
Improve People Processes
Build Alternative Resource Management
Build Models for Re-Training / Re-Skill / Multi-Skill

Some of the Strategies Discussed to be adopted in current senario:

A 10 commandments for survival :

-Multiple Utility of Resources with enhanced Role & Responsibility Definition(Job Enlargement)
-Enhanced Focus on Performance Mangement System
-Build Ideal People/HR Processes
-Move to Zero Bench/Unproductive resources (Work Just In Time with Institutes)
-Just in time hiring ( Only in dire emergencie…