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Organizational Design for Business Excellence & Growth

As organisations grow the one thread which keeps it together is the central Organisational design and the structure defined around it. Based on the core design all the functions, verticals, positions are tagged. The entire organisational structure would follow the basic design in which the organisation has been defined.

The organisation design can define few levels in the organisation and can be ensured to create the value to the organisation as it moves higher. Every organisation must have the doers, managers and the directors or/and visionaries..

I - The bottom most level* could be : Team Member Level : Focus on the execution of the task as assigned and report back to immediate level. At this level Identify the Skill required based on the business, function, verticals etc., The Critical skills required (Not exhaustive and may differ to situations) : Data Management, Communication, Interpersonal skills, Team Skills, Presentation Skills, Functional Skills, Innovation, Creativity, Re…