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Designing Organisational Role and Responsibilities ( R&R )

Husys Team supporting TIE-ISB Connect 2010 @ Hyderabad

In continuation with the earlier posting on the Organisational Design, this posting focus on further building the synergy for organisational excellence. The key point here discussed would be on how to design Role and Responsibilities based on the Organisational Design.

Current Realities: In many cases when we start looking at the Organisational Design from the point of view of Role and the current duties performed by the people in the system moves 2 levels below. In my recent Three of the assignments the Top Level Management were actually performing the Middle Management Role & Duties. This is evident from the fact of our style of management is :

- If the person reporting to you doesn't perform we perform
- If we perform once, everytime your subordinate learn to get work done from you...
- Over a period that job becomes your accountability
- One more important reason is that we do not spend time in making sure the person pe…