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HR Idea 28 : Outplacement : Helping Employee Transition - Building Employer Brand

Business is uncertain all the time. With the global competition, changing business environment and the risk increasingly organizations are going through the change and a challenge to review their people productivity and deployment. In the eventualities of re-organization internally, change in business model, merger & acquisitions there is a high possibilities of redundancies with the workforce. In such cases the organization initiates a process of Transition of their people out of the system. 
A process that helps the employees to identify new areas of opportunities based on their future aspirations and competencies is known as an Outplacement.  Outplacement is very common HR practice in many countries, however, it is still to evolve as a critical function of Human Resources in India. There are specialized firms who can help transition a junior most employee to a senior most board member through an Outplacement Program. They also can design many programs from a single individual pr…