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Indicators of HR Need for Start-ups and SME Organisations

Indicators of  "Your HR Department" Need.... Here are some of the Indicators that help you to  understand the  necessity of  HR Department for your Organization. We discuss below, some of the areas of focus, from HR point of view 

Starting with Difference: You started your Organization and would like to invite best of the breed of the  professionals or when you wanted to tell the potential employees about your seriousness on People you hire. This works as a very clear focus on People and their contribution to build your organization. Do not hesitate, take that first step and setup HR Function..  At this stage you do not need a full fledged HR department, just dial “HUSYS"  for solution.
Getting the First Few & People Complexities beyond Founders :The most critical is  your first few.  If you are able to retain one among the first few batches of 5 and keep growing, you are in a right direction.  You would have somebody who can bring your cultural and busines…