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SME Ideas: “Together we are STRONGER” SME’s to Collaborate for Medical Benefit

What If:"A Life of Startup CEO in India" Suhit is a startup CEO with few employees on rolls. They are not yet covered on Pension Funds or Employee Health Insurance. What is the risk that he runs? If god forbidden any medical emergency in the family of employee or accident for the employee. It could be as fatal as paying organization funds and borrowings to help the employee to support emotionally. It’s a risk for startup & Mental Stress for both employee & founders. 
Market Scenario: The MSME sector today is unable to provide their employees with suitable health insurance benefits. The lower headcount impairs their leverage to get a sizable discount from insurance companies. It is not that companies are indifferent towards the welfare of employees, but the whole process of insuring a limited number of people is very cost intensive and cumbersome. Employees are thus left to sustain all costs by themselves, sometimes ending up spending a large chunk from their savings.