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Employees are our internal customers

Future of HR @ SME's for Business Advantage - Part-I

"Businesses in Future are Differentiated by its People"
We started to write this Blog based on our experience since 2002 in working with SME's and also our recent experiences in interacting with professionals/academicians/business owners world over through Personal meetings, Linked in network, Polls and also during conference experience at SHRM Annual Conference - Las Vegas.  We at Husys wanted to bring that synergy in business through people @ SME's and this series would help in achieving in setting the platform for thinking and acting.
To start with "Think Big - Act Smart" : This post is the first of its Three Part  Series on Shared model for growth of SME's. While there are various effort by NGO's, Government, Institutes efforts to bring the shared models (Cluster based approach by Industry), the beginning is always with each individual business owner for effective utilisation and benefit. This attempt is to make them aware of the opportunities by …

HR Function Management Support for SME's (Your HR Department is Here): People Plan & Deployment for Better Business Results

My Experience @ 63rd SHRM Annual Conference, Las Vegas - 26-29th June 2011

This was my first experience at the SHRM Annual Conference in the US. I thought its important to share my experiences to help my HR Community Online. I would like to share the experience in three parts : 1. SHRM Conference 2. Networking & 3. City of Las Vegas. At the end of the 3 parts I would share some of the inputs from the conference & what could be next at the end.

SHRM Conference: Probably the largest gathering of HR professionals in the world. There are 18000 professionals under one roof. More than 1000+ International Delegates. India pumped in 53 to the International attendees. 200 speakers and sessions parallely without even delay in seconds and best in managing the time. The Mega Daily sessions with 14000 seating capacity and managing the entire show has been marvelous... The Conference Daily published by the next day monring is an amazing way to keep you informed about what transpired the previous day. The video/Picture coverage of the previous day used effectively…