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Outplacement in India : HRShapers : Whatsappinar Part I (15 Questions Answered)

I am very much thankful to HRShapers who gave me opportunity to present Outplacement as a topic and it was definitely a great learning experience apart from sharing. I am picking the questions and answers of the session in some relevant answers in this blog. There are more than 50 questions were answered and this this part I am covering 15 questions.  Look forward to share more later.

1.What should be criteria whileselecting employees for outplacement.
GR:There should be a policy for outplacement as an organization. In many cases organization would have a policy and process pre-defined as part of the Business Process.In case that’s not available, usually the impacting part of the organization when people have to be made redundant to be reviewed. One of the important part in deciding is to see if they can be repositioned elsewhere before outplacement decision.
2. Normally companies and individuals never think about outplacement when any situation arising.... why is that so? what's fut…