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Key Communication from CEO before the end of 2008(Any year-end)...

There is generally an excitement of a New Year everytime. With the current market conditions and also the way the businesses are running currently, this year is going to be special to every employee/Associate..... The Employees/Associates who work with each of the organisation have various influences within themselves and also from their social influence.

You as a head of the organization can send a note to all the employees/Associates about the business in the last year and expectations for the coming year.

You may want to cover some of the below and more......

- Business Scenario in your industry/competitors
- Some of the key Highlights of the year
- Some of the challenges faced by the organisations and how you have overcome
- also mention key contributions (IF you are sure of 100% measurable) of few associates/employees

Also write a note on the expectations for future in 2009 and hint any possible changes/challenges you may foresee... These are very few thought to generate an Idea…

Six-pack HR mantra for healthy SME

A Quick bite for CEO's

In Good times it may not have mattered, but in the turbulent times its essential that you look at each of the activity of your organisation well. All that you can do is use your People to be the key differentiator for future.

1. Good Organizational Structure, Clear Role and Responsibilities
2. Strict Performance Norms all around for business Growth
3. Invest in Time with Associates/employees
4. Strong Organizational Communication of Future & Expectations
5. Make the Associates/Employees Partners for Growth
6. Make the Cost optimization everybody’s business

If you are able to review the above and able to put things in place, your business bound to sustain the current economic scenario. For More information and support reach : or write comments on the blog for responses.