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Banks and SME's

The title would definitely raise a question in anybody's mind.. and I am sure with the SME owners would have sleepless nights in thinking and relating these two. All that banks advertise on the media reverses when and SME owner approaches the Bank for support.

If we look at who starts the SME :

- A professional with a great exposure and wanting to do something different in life
- An individual who may be most of the times Middle Class/Business Family(small) with great idea
- An Individual who would have takenover from their parents/family.

An SME owner would think of a bank and the usefulness when they are on the path for growth and needs that helping hand. What one faces is the requisites to support financially. There are good intentions of the Government to set some money for the development of SME's but with the stringent pre-requisites make one feel frustrated. The usual issues faced by SME owners is:

- Project presentation that way its required by the bank
- The Mortgage of…

Challenges of Hiring Senior Level Positions @ SME's

The following are the real-life support exposure by Husys - HR Function Management company.

This is one of the greatest challenge for any SME. It takes lot of time in taking decisions due to the cost,perceptions implications attached to the decision.
The Following are the challenges faced:
- Identification and encouraging the candidate for a company who are making the first decision.
- Translation of the Vision during the discussion and ensure there is a big picture for some one to take decision.
- Cost implications associated at each stage of brining such senior level
- What is the longitivity.. ensuring a long-term approach
- How does the hirining impact on the existing system interms of acceptance and effectiveness of business returns.
- How do we represent at each stage of identification, negotiation and encouraging to see joining.

Few of the things that are very essential in such cases.
- A clear cut Vision, Mission and short-term(1year) and long-term(2-3 years) plan for organisation.
- Tr…