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Employee Data Management & Agreements

GR's Caricature in Gene Form...Created for his 1st Job book.

We shall review some of the key attributes of support that Employee Data can provide us in this posting.

For any business success Data becomes the key for any decisions and review. Similarly the data related to employees is like the heart of the organisation. The data availability related to employees would help in initiating many HR plans in organisation. The data can collected in as many head as possible... This can be termed as " Employee Data Sheet" "Employment Data Form" etc.,..... some of the data points are mentioned here below:

- Employee Personal Data : Related to Name, Contact/emergency/permanent Address, date of birth, family details with their occupation and date of birth (this may be helpful for insurance for family)
- Employee Educational Details
- Employee Past work experience & career progression details- including the reporting managers and contacts for reference based on need.