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Good Organizational Structure, Clear Role and Responsibilities

The Organisational Structure Design would be the most important thing that one should work on. The Structure design should be able to take care of defining the basic levels based on the criticality of the work performed.

The levels in the organisation can be ensured to create the value to the organisation as it moves higher. For Example: Team Member Level in organisation should have a focus execution of the task as assigned and report back. Whereas the Top Management role would include identification of the futuristic and create a focus for achieving the organisational Targets.

Please do ensure that the organisation is not more than 3 major segments ( Team Member, Manager & Top Management). Make sure the each of the function identifies a support as per the team organisation.

Ensure that the Role & Responsibilities - the expected execution details are provided as part of Responsibility documentation.

Step I - Identify all the positions in the above Role Structure
Step II - I…

Lets VOTE : Employer Commitment to Elections

We have the General Elections 2009 and its a decision time for every individual and also for each one of us in the Business. The course of today's elections are going to define the way we see our businesses in future.

Each Employer/business owner/Business Professional has multiple responsibility towards the Future of India. You can plan to send in a note covering the importance of voting to employees, that pave way to contribute to the future of India. You play different roles:

- Role as a Voter ( I am sure each one of you would take your time to vote for a good cause and for our future)
- Role of Victim/Beneficiary
- Role of Encouraging our people to VOTE

As part of helping the employees to vote it is required to give a time off for casting their vote before turning up to office. Few methods to adapt are as below :

- As an organisation one can decide to start the work with a 1 hour delay ( by encouraging the employees to cast their vote in first hour and report to office)
- Provide f…