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Employee Feedback Survey - A Serious Tool for Development of Organisation

GR Works with Husys Consulting as Chief Facilitator... The information shared is out of his own experience to help the SME's to grow to next level.

Every organisation strives to build and manage the trust with employees (associates) by continuous communication and feedback mechanism. Employee feedback survey is a serious tool and it sets the expectations and increase the perception levels higher (positive/negative)… hence its important to build a system, which would communicate the importance and action orientation to the employees. This is termed as Employee Feedback Survey (not Satisfaction Survey) to make sure that you are collecting feedback for improvement….

Preparedness : Any Employee Feedback survey require the primary stack holders & management approval not just by words for with a commitment to improve on the negative feedback and build on the positive feedback.

Action Oriented : Any employee feedback system should have a strong action orientation in implementing t…

Information About Swine Flu - Keep employees/associates informed

Please inform the employees/associates about this and take enough care to make sure that the virus doesn't spread. As Always "Prevention is Better than CURE"

Brief Information
About Swine Flu

Swine Flu or Swine Influenza, also called H1N1 Flu is an acute disease of respiratory system affecting pigs, caused by influenza virus (H1NI subtype). Now-a-days it is affecting humans too. World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Swine flu as pandemic, since it has already traveled more than 70 countries all over the world.
• First case in humans was reported in Mexico and the United States in March and April, 2009.
• In India, it was diagnosed for the first time in Hyderabad on May 16, 2009.
• On June 11 2009, WHO raised a pandemic alert level to Phase 6 globally (Phase 6 - indicates that a global pandemic is underway)
This illness is referred as "swine flu" because the genes of this virus strain were found to be similar to influenza virus occurring in pigs in Nor…