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Redundancy/Layoff !! Employers & HR Heads what do you do & Why? OUTPLACEMENT - New HR Function in India

Here is a Scary Situation:
On one fine morning, Mr.X who worked with an organization for more than 5 years receives a call from a Junior HR Executive mentioning that Your services are no longer required, hence you need to Resign by evening, otherwise we terminate you. With a termination, your Profile will have a bad mark. You have no choice than to resign respectfully and we process the exit formalities. Just imagine a person who was not on performance Improvement nor he was not a non-billable resource. The whole of the conversation would go on that these are instructions from Heads and management and there is no point in approaching higher ups as well. That may not be the best way to handle such situation. What can be done?

Preparedness by Organization:
On review of the situation, you would notice that there is no plan for communication of redundancies, No plan for execution of layoff. In the non-unionized environment, it is important to have the right steps to ensure that transition is…