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100 HR Ideas (11-15): Networking, Employer Branding, Social Presence, Collaboration, Power of Occassion

This time on 12.12.12 I am attempting to write what is important for business. While we have a great concept and technology, it is important that your identity in the outside world would bring more prosperity and sustainability for your Business. We discuss some of these Important and cost effective ways to build your SME business. 
11. Networking: Today’s world is small and networked. No business can ignore the networked world to sustain the business in their field of operation. Be it physical meeting networks or the virtual network they give immense potential to build relationships for better business. Business sustainability in future is marked by the power of networking by the teams working in such organizations. Idea: Being part of the Industry Associations and groups would help. Make sure that each of your team members is in different groups as point of contact and attending events. That would help you to cover by saving time for everyone while creating connectivity to organizat…