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Outsource your HR with specific Measurabilities

If you are considering to outsource your HR Function and want to gain best out of process... First! Mindset for People processes which would take time and you need to give your organisation based on your maturity of resources and organisational stage.

Look for these fundamental improvements as part of the Phase 1.

- Place clear organisational goals and ensure your team undestands exactly the same way.
- Ensure the job description/responsibilities are clearly defined and explained at the time of Induction or change in role.
- Team Understanding of growth through the organisational stages of positions/roles
- Set the Basic Policies like Work Norms, Leave, Travel & Compensation Policies clear.
- Consolidate the Employee Data and manage the Files effectively.
- Have a simple measurement mechanism and reward system for Employees to contribute better.

Based on practicing the above basics and continuously communicating the importance each of these would help you to achieve your Outsourcing Goa…