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HR Idea 26 : On-Job-Preview : OJP

Based on various requests by our readers, we are posting each idea separately to encourage comments and feedback. This would also ensure a focused discussion on each of the topics to learn. Please  visit earlier postings for 1-25 HR Ideas.

26. On-Job-Preview - OJP : On-Job- Preview is a process in which the employer gives an opportunity for the new employee to get to know the work environment, job related scenarios and organisational perspective before joining. This process can be applied to many jobs in an organisation unless any sensitive products/services/work involved. To be able to implement this process there must be a set of non-disclosures in place.  This process would ensure that the employee joins the organisation with more clarity of information both positive and negatives than based on their own preconceived perceptions without OJP.  
Ideas : Employer can use various tools like Audio & Videos to capture  - A day in life of "Specific Role" and Audit interviews o…