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How is HR Important for Small Businesses

Please do share your inputs on how Small Businesses can benefit with the HR Function in Place.
warm regards,
reddy GR

Responses I received from LinkedIn:

Responses For “ How is HR Important for Small Businesses?"

Rishi Asthana
If you are a startup, you don't have the need to hire an HR because it will create an additional overhead. According to me, a small or startup business owner himself can manage all the operations if needed can outsource an offshore team which will be working for him from a remote place.

Janaki Gopikrishna
Small business have an advantage of having a direct interaction with the employees in the company. There are no hierarchies. So it also helps the HR design their programs for all employees in a more focussed manner. The culture formation process of a company can be easy since the size is small. All employees can be made aware of the vision, mission and core values of the company unlike it gets diluted in large organisations. People just come an…

Technology Support for SME HR Operations

GR Reddy works for Husys Consulting who are the pioneers in the HR Function Management/Outsourcing in the world. The views expressed are purely based on our experiences.

In Today's scenario each and every company in the Information Technology focus on the SME's across the Globe. The reason being SME's have never gone overboard during the peak and don't get distracted somuch during the Recession. That may be due to the conservativism, carefulness and focus on the deliverables constantly than projection to the external world. The resources work with SME's are generally enjoy the challenges and learning experiences. One of the effective way to help them to achieve what they want to achieve is by creating more time per day. That possible by way of creating a support system of IT which would enable them to earn more time per day.

I would focus on the HR Information systems to make sure that while making your decision on the IT for HR is focused.

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