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Nina E Woodard Programs : Hyderabad, India Feb 2011

We HUSYS, your HR, aims and believes at enhancing your Organizational values by providing and creating opportunities and delivering Value-added services. We are organizing Workshops in Association with FAPCCI, ITsAP & TIE facilitated by a renowned international speaker Ms. Nina E Woodard at FAPCCI, Hyderabad, in Feb 2011.

All the programs are focused for Business leaders, CEOs, Senior Executives, HR professionals, Teams and Managers dealing with East & West clients to enable them with the challenges and opportunities that market has open to capture for global expansion

The following are the details of the Workshops:

CEO Focus 2011 And Beyond 16th Feb 2011 :

Advanced Human Resources Management 17th Feb 2011 :

Cultural Dynamics 19th Feb 2011 :

We would request you to utilize this opportunity rendering the participants with a discounted fee. We would also request you to support in promoting this event to your known compa…

HR Differentiator Year 2011 Series : People @ SME's


We want to make this year "HR Differentiator" primarily the first decade of this century has seen the importance for Human Resources than ever before. Moving forward the next Decade would play crucial for every organisation to play on the "HR Differentiator" which is probably the only Business Differentiator the competitor can never produce/make/create.

The first of the posting in 2011 would focus on How the HR Focus for Startups & SME's help to make great progress.

Differentiator I - You (10%) : One of the key ingredient of success of any Start-uP & SME is the Human Resources who build, Manage and progress it to a large entity. Starting with the Promoter(s)/Founder(s) who form part of the first HR Differentiator... Their vision for future, opportunity creation by way of sacrificing otherwise a "khushi job"(I personally feel the JOB however demanding is much strainful than building that job and paying for it …