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India Outplacement Simplified – Final Series - By Husys

India Outplacement Simplified – Final Series
In continuation of our blog post on Outplacement, this is the final series chosen the few question & answers from the Whatsappinar with HR Shapers. Answered for your valuable questions as given below.

31) If a union exists in the organization. Can you share your experience in executing outplacement activity?
GR:  Outplacement is a best tool as a part of the union negotiations and can reduce the intensity of discontentment during the process. There are many examples outside but India, I have to experience at once.
32) I understand outplacement in today's world also means helping outplaced people with opportunities. Does the next company which hires them, hires in a fair manner by not giving a pay cut and other benefits and proper role matching and not force fitting?
GR: Yes, the outplacement support is for the person who affected. Key role of Outplacement is to help him/her to gain the confidence and strategies. Able to get a good positi…