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Startups & HR Differentiator

In Continuation of the earlier posts - HR Differentiator Year & People Plan based on your Business Stage, this time we would discuss about how the Startup Stage business can leverage on HR Differentiator.

Start-up : Is a Beginning for a business life cycle and many times its a new birth to the first time entrepreneur. One mantra which would help the Startup Owners/promoters/facilitators is that there are people to support you on Finance, Marketing but any of them would leave the People Management to you. Eg. I was in a TIE meeting y/day at Mumbai, one of the question I raised "How would an Investor help in People Management?" the answer was very very clear that "We do help in Finance and market reach, we want always the owner to take the responsibility of Managing People related issues". That shows that the ultimate test is for the business owner to utilize the opportunity created by Finance, Marketing through People.

What Can you do to help yourself to build…