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Want to Start your Own SME

In India we have people with great ideas and wanting to do independently. They join the gang of SME's of India... However there are people who think for years and few in days to take a plunge in to the business world. Here are the few thoughts for those who wants to branchout and do something different than before:

Being independent has few of the things to be in place for sustenance:

- Ability to manage the personal fund requirements (atleast I would say 6 months) knowing the current Debt Society
- Support from Family Members to encourage & appreciate the effort
- Ability to take the Humiliation of client questioning your credibility alloever again (If you approach for a job your experience would be great...but when it comes to delivery as a company/consultant they would have 101 questions to check your stability and ability to deliver as independent/organisation.)
- Most critical is to hire / manage a support team ( identifying the people who feel small is beautiful and learning…