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Managing Gen "Y" for SME Business Results

Today's Business is all about managing Generation Y.  In this post we focused in understanding the GenY to help manage them for better business results.   It is inevitable that you have to manage the Gen Y who are going to be part of the working population.  For many startups this is even more critical as the Business Owner would be the GenY while expecting the maturity and retention in organisation like GenX from GenY employee. Find out in this post what makes the Gen Y the best and how best you can build your organisational boundaries to help tap their talent.  
I would like to sincerely thank  Ms.Geeta Goti my good friend for contributing this article for the benefit of readers at HRSME. 

How does one define Generation Y? While there are a lot of myths and stereotypes, we can conclude the definition as someone who is born after 1982 to 1990 and in their early or late twenties.
What drives the Gen Yers to work?
While the Maslow’s theory of hierarchy of needs has not much differed for…