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Step-by-Step in Setting up Your HR Department : Input Series from May - Dec 2010


We at Husys are committed for the Development of HR @ SME organisations. As part of our efforts we continue to give you what is required for you and how best you can use this site to help yourself.

Starting from May 2010 we would take a different step in helping you to setup your own HR Department. Please do follow the blog and help yourself. We may repeat some of the older postings at the places where repetition is required as part of the sequence. If you feel you need any more information you can always write to us without any hesitation (We would help as much as offsite and email support based on our time availability. We can also clarify through the comments section).

1. Employee Data Management & Agreements
2. Employee Related Statutory Compliances based on the Growth
3. Organizational Design for an SME
4. Design Role and Responsibilities
5. Manpower Planning
6. Attracting the Talent
7. Selecting the Best
8. Setting the Expectations Right First Time
7. Inte…