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Steps in Human Resource Support for Small and Medium Size Enterprises

These are Typical Steps in creating a HR Support for SME's:

* Review your goals and objectives for next few years
* If you have planned for growth - pendown the critical areas and growth of revenue that you are looking at
* Define the kind of culture & people values you want to build
* Let an HR Firm like Husys( review your HR Function outsourcing capability through an Audit
* Create an action plan for HR interventions for your organisation
* Plan for the initiatives and followup for effectiveness

You would want to hire such a specialist like Husys may be in these three scenarios:

1 - You have been managing HR function by yourself (CEO) or your Top Manager
2 - You have your Finance and Account & Admn department handling the HR function
3 - You don't have a specific functional approach for HR support for your organisation

You may need the kind of support from Husys - an HR Function Management Company when

- You are growing multiple
- You are growing but the people rel…

HR Support for SME's

Article Published in ET - Emerging India - 10th December 2007
Refer Gundlapally Ramalinga Reddy (Commonly known as GR)


If you can't afford an HR department for your small
business, help is at hand. A new breed of HR firms
will set up one and run it for you

Vikas Kumar

THESE days, 37-year-old Gundlapally Ramalinga Reddy
is a man on a mission. He has developed a HR services
model, which he hopes will unleash a revolution of
sorts in the world of small businesses. He's got a
fancy name for it—Human Resources Function Outsourcing
(HRFO), and yes, he's even patented it. If you are a
small business owner who can't afford an HR
department, Reddy's firm, Husys, will build it and run
it for you—end-to-end.
Here's how it works. Husys assigns an HR manager
who will always be on location at the client's office,
and works closely with the promoter/CEO on creating
basic HR systems, and then gradually building a
complete HR department offering services such …