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Networking is Networth for Today's Business Leaders

In This post we would like to dwell on aspects of "Networking for  Business Leaders/Owners/CEO".
Building Partnerships & Meeting
GR Reddy of Husys & Gary of Penna
@ London

"A successful Business Leaders is the one who networks seamlessly". There is no doubt that the business enhancer would be the network that you create which is your net-worth ultimately.  Today's businesses are run in a complex environment. You can never be sure What and How business could impact based on the Internal, External and Online Influences. The ability of networking defines the business owner's continuity of its own business existence. 

Today we see many of the business leaders are busy with their day-to-day routine challenges and very little time they get to think about what they can do for their business growth. You never know when you start your day and end your day. The feeling of "something missing" to make the big picture come true is a regular feeling with many business leaders today. Today there is very little time(or none in many cases) that the Business Leader spend to connect, share and learn from the networking opportunities.

IworkGlobal group on Linkedin
An active group and engages network with members
Engaging with your
"Like" Community is Networking
Networking is not just being there chasing the traffic and drive back wasting time. Today everyone has an opportunity to make more meaningful networking than ever before. You could be sitting and working on your proposals, in the backside of car with driving support or watching a movie on TV... nothings stops from able to network. Yes, we are talking about the Professional Network that you create and engage your net-worth (network). You have various Professional and Social networks and groups within to get engaged in your free time (time windows between jobs/tasks).

You also have an other set of networking opportunities where you are present physically and able to connect with people who may not be on the other form of reach-out. These are typically Government Influencer's/officers, International Delegates etc., Here is where you have an opportunity to connect them through the Industry Association that you can leverage. Also the Learning programs, various
Committee memberships and Industry updates/shares could create opportunity to network and create your reach.

Picture from a Meetup Group
"Hyderabad HR Professionals" meet every 2nd Saturday for a breakfast
You also have a hybrid model of Networking through Online engagement & meet and greet methods. The engagement sites like could provide such opportunity. Our personal experience in using this tool for engaging and networking has been very useful, where you are an alien whether Profession/function/location/country. Meeting in an informal atmosphere made for networking with a related professional/functional/locational affiliation.

Of-course, not just Golf can get you to the business networking but there are others emerging like Tennis, Badminton, Cycling and many other sports offering an opportunity to network.  Do not forget charity together is also a strong value proposition in Networking & Bonding. If you are a frequent traveler, you have no reason to complain to connect & build your informal network.

So, Is it right to say "If you don't network, you may not have Net-worth to talk about". 

We welcome your comments and inputs to make this blog more relevant for readers.

About Husys:
Husys - HR Function Management Company ( pioneered the HR Function Management in India since 2002.  Husys strive to help in managing to stream line the change that organizations go through during their growth phase. Husys addresses the key Human related issues to support organizational Growth. We integrate the Hiring, Induction, Performance Measurement, Policies, Employee Bonding and Development. Husys is part of the Global network "Career Star  Group" specialized in delivering Outplacement/Career Transition Services in India.  Reach us for any support in HR Consulting / Outsourcing / Technology Management Solutions.  

We truly live our Vision: "Synergizing Human Potential for Business & Society".

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