Tuesday, March 09, 2010

HR Audit - Tool for HR Effectiveness

HR Audit is a tool to examine the HR Function through to its processes, policies, systems and the way of functioning in an organisation. This would be a diagnostic tool to help identify the way in which the current status of Hr Function and how it can be integrated to the Business for effective functioning. This tool best works when an organisation is ready to learn and implement for betterment. This would require the “TOP MANAGEMENT COMMITMENT” to evaluate and improve from current levels to future.

The HR Audit can focus on the following Business HR Functions

-Corporate HR – Vision, Mission, Org. Objectives, manpower Planning & forecasting, Organizational Design, Role Organizational Quality processes and Track & Review of HR Matrices

-Recruitment & Selection: Review of Process Documentation, Stages of Recruitment, Sources, Selection Mechanism (Interview, Group Discussions etc.,), Offer and tracking of Candidates for joining with Induction Plan & execution.

-Employee Policies: This Section should focus on the basic work environment norms, policies related to employee employment agreements, salaries, loans, communication, internet usage, time office, statutory compliance etc.,

-Performance management: This section should focus on reviewing Setting right expectations through Key Result Areas defined for resources, Probation process, Performance period and review mechanism, Data management, Training Needs Identification, Career progression processes etc.,

-Training & Development: Process of Training & Development, Training Needs, Training Design, Delivery plans, Feedback mechanism, Integration to other functions etc.,

-Technology : Identify the areas of automation and check if that works as productive tool for the organisation and HR Function. All the administrative tasks and the work flow to be reviewed for effectiveness.

To identify the current status of all the above activities in the following forms for corrective action:
-General Practice Areas (Not Documented or not aware by employees)
-Process Defined (Documented) but not Practiced
-Adhoc Decisions on Functions with respect to the employee requests.

Action Orientation: Based on the review of the various function interms of the current status, define priority. Based on the priority define a future course of action along with specific outcomes that the organisation would like to achieve with Timelines.

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